# Privacy policy

# A. Data collected

AboutGoods collects photos of cash receipts sent by its partners (publishers of mobile couponing, promotion or cashback applications) and extracts the following data:

  • Language used and country concerned
  • Identification of the point of sale (sign, physical address)
  • Date of issue of the receipt (day hour and minute)
  • List of items purchased (label of each product, weight, quantity, price paid)
  • Possible discount per product and/or at the end of the cash receipt
  • Total paid, payment method

In addition to each receipt image received, AboutGoods' partners also entrust it with the "Age" and "Gender" parameters associated with each "Unique ID" of each consumer.

NB: the possible presence on certain receipts of a loyalty card identifier specific to each individual is neither analysed nor stored by AboutGoods (see technical documentation of the Kweeri algorithm of AboutGoods: https://api-doc.kweeri.io/ (opens new window)

# B. Use of personal data collected

AboutGoods uses the data provided by its partners for the following purposes:

# 1. Contract fulfilment

AboutGoods entrusts anonymised and aggregated individual data to third parties for the purpose of valuation exclusively in the field of market research.

No element used, stored or resold by AboutGoods allows the identification of individuals who have entrusted their cash receipt photographs to its partners, or the identification of the partners themselves.

The data resold by AboutGoods includes the exhaustive list of the following information:

  • Unique individual code (code encrypted by AboutGoods different from those provided by our partners)
  • Age group of the individual (according to INSEE classification) and gender (M, F, NC)
  • Identification of the point of sale (chain, physical address)
  • Day, hour, minute of purchase
  • List of products purchased (for each product: label, brand, weight, quantity, price paid)
  • Possible discounts per product or at the end of the cash receipt
  • Means of payment used (cash, cheque, credit card)

AboutGoods uses anonymised and aggregated data extracted from data provided by its partners insofar as they have ensured their own users' consent through their own procedures.

AboutGoods may process data in the context of compliance with its legal obligations, to process and resolve legal disputes, for regulatory investigations or compliance with applicable legislation, to enforce its terms of use or to comply at the request of the authorities.


AboutGoods does not share any of the data collected and stored, apart from the anonymised and aggregated data provided to its customers for valuation purposes.

In particular, AboutGoods does not provide any indication of the origin of the cash receipts (mobile couponing application, promotion or cashback) or any information that may come from the profiles of their users on these different mobile applications, apart from their class of age and their gender.


AboutGoods may use and store information collected from its partners in countries that are outside the European Economic Area (including the United States of America or Canada). Please note that countries outside of the European Economic Area may not offer the same level of data protection as the European Union.

Specifically, its website servers are located in the United States and the European Union, and its group companies and third-party service providers and partners operate around the world. This means that, when AboutGoods collects data from its partners, this data may be processed in one of these countries.

However, AboutGoods has taken appropriate security measures to ensure that such data remains protected in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This includes implementing the European Commission's Standard Contractual Clauses for transfers of personal information outside of the European Economic Area, which require companies to protect the personal data they process from the EEA in accordance with European Law. on Data Protection.

These standard contractual clauses can be provided on request. AboutGoods has similar appropriate security measures in place with its third party service providers and partners, and further details can be provided on request.


The rights available to individuals with regard to the protection of their personal data are those applied by our partners who hold personal data. This personal data is neither collected, stored, or resold by AboutGoods.


AboutGoods exclusively retains the data extracted from the photographs of cash receipts provided by its partners, including the UniqueIDs encrypted and generated by AboutGoods, as well as the "Age class" and "Gender" values attached to each of these UniqueIDs. This data, reserved exclusively for valuation in the field of market research, is stored for a period of 10 years.

AboutGoods destroys the photographs of cash receipts provided by our partners once the data extraction and storage process has been carried out using its algorithms (see list of data in chapter 1). The destruction of this data is carried out within a maximum period of one month following the completed extraction of the data described in Chapter 1.


As AboutGoods continues to offer its customers new types of content and services, the Sites may modify their data collection, use, or disclosure practices. If there were to be a material change to these data collection, use or disclosure practices, it would only apply to data subsequently collected, and AboutGoods will take appropriate steps to notify its customers and suppliers, in accordance with the significance of the changes that have been made.


AboutGoods takes all appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect anonymised individual data as best as possible. The measures used are designed to provide a level of security appropriate to the risk of the personal data processing. AboutGoods operates secure data networks provided by industry standard firewall and password protection systems to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the data under its control.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns about AboutGoods' privacy practices, please contact us using the following contact information, depending on your location:

  • by email at contact@aboutgoods.net
  • by post at AboutGoods, Pap├Ęteries Image Factory, 1, Esplanade Augustin Aussedat, 74960 Annecy-France
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